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CourseWorkWritings.com - Terms of Service

Submission of registration or order means that you agree and submit to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of this website, and that you agree and submit to our gathering of data.


  • An order is what you create and submit to the site for processing.
  • You are the client using the site.
  • Revision free update of the product if it doesn’t meet specifications.
  • A preferred writer is a writer on the site who you liked and want to work on your future orders for an additional fee.
  • A custom made paper is what we offer to every client who comes to us – it is written from scratch in a Word document.

Order Instructions:

We at customessayorder.com reserve the right to refuse any changes made to an order after the payment has been made. The original order is the one we have the responsibility to follow.


Revisions are free for the first thirty days after an order has been completed and sent out. If there is sufficient evidence for a rewrite to be considered necessary, then we will carry it out, although there has to be evidence that the order has moved significantly away from the original instructions given. Please note that revision and rewrite orders need to stick to the original order instructions, and we reserve the right to refuse to do them if they do not.


You may request a refund for a short period of time after you have received your work. All these requests must be made directly to the site support staff through the various means of communication, rather than through your writer. All requests should be made in the first thirty days after a paper is delivered, and clients should remember to provide adequate evidence for it. If such evidence is found wanting, we will restore our ownership of the paper.

Custom Made Paper:

Our papers are all custom made and written from scratch, apart from where quotations are used. We hope that our work could be used as an example of academic excellence, but once you have ownership of the work, what you do with it is up to you.


We keep all personal information private and confidential, but we are also sharing it with specific third party sites which allow us to run our services effectively, and improve upon them. We use email providers, SMS providers, payment processors, and much more besides, although the information might be used for the sole purpose of identifying you for future orders. The site does not accept any other log in data given to you by us, even if it is for the sole purpose of completing an order, and we do not pass such information on to the third party sites we partner with. The only data which are gathered and used is open source for the site.

The custom content which we write falls under the heading of intellectual property, which is owned by both the customer and the site. The customer has the exclusive right to use the property for three months, after this time, intellectual property and all the rights associated with it revert back to the company and the writer who produced it.

Service Outages:

Any power outages on our end, which affect the service we have provided are entirely our fault, and we take responsibility for any problems which arise. Any power outages at the customer’s end, which affect their paper is entirely their own responsibility.

Preferred Writer:

We offer a preferred writer service, where clients can ask for a specific writer they have worked with before. To get a preferred writer, the client will be asked for an extra sum of money beyond the initial payment – this is to induce the original writer to come back. If the new order is taken before the original writer can get it, then the extra money will be held in an account for the client to use on their next order.

User Data Collection and Usage:

The data we collect includes: User Name, E-mail, Telephone number, Payer Name, Billing address, Cookies, IP address.

We only use your information for commercial purposes, although we may use it to share marketing and promotional deals with you. Please visit our privacy policy for more information on how your information is used.