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    It is no secret that introduction is one of the most important parts in the essay. The strong introductions are able to give strong first impression and attract reader’s attention. First sentence must be intriguing and interesting, like making successfully first impression in person. It means that you must start with the sentence that will make the readers excited and wondering. Let’s take for example the psychology essay. In the introductions you must justify to the reader of the major reasons that made you to write this paper and will be helpful to the reader as well.

    Introduce the reader to the topic. Then it is wise to provide the reader with the overview of previously made research of the chosen topic and proceed with identification of your own hypothesis.

    1. Do the Topic Introduction. Start with brief description. Answer the question “what is the study attempts to demonstrate to the reader?” It is also smart to provide a brief history of the topic. Then make sure to show how this information is relevant to your own research that you are about to present in the paper.
    2. Summarize Your Previous Research. The second most important goal is to give the reader a well-rounded summary of your previous research.
    3. Research Your Topic. Locate articles on the topic. Take notes from the chosen articles and write down exactly where you have found them. It must be the author’s name, journal or other source of publication and date it was published. These actions will help you keep track of your sources and as a matter of fact to avoid plagiarism.
    4. Write Your Hypothesis. As soon as you are finished with the research summary, concentrate on writing explanation of the areas where research has shown to be insufficient or flawed. Find what is missing in the research and put questions that are yet to be answered. This way you will create your own hypothesis that will automatically lead to these questions. The end of introduction must offer good hypothesis and description of what is expected to be found in the study.